Strategic Decision Marking in Oligopoly Markets


Must know about Strategic Decision Marking in Oligopoly Markets
This is only a discussion assignment. This does not need to be a lengthy assignment.
If you use any quotes, only use those by Thomas and Maurice
Chose one of the following vignettes and analysis based it based on the material
A price war between two neighboring gas stations.
Boeing and Airbus vis-à-vis the wide-body long distance passenger aircraft market.
An industry characterized by collusion. Assume four players.
Implement any decision making choices from below in the writing discussion assignment:
Strategy Decision Making:
Simultaneous Decision Making: concepts of dominant strategies, dominated strategies, Nash equilibrium, and best-response curves.
Sequential Decision Making: roll-back method, determine existence of first-or second-mover advantages, and employ credible commitments to gain first-or second-mover advantages.
Cooperation Decision Making: repeating decisions over time,

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