Sub-Saharan African Realm

Answer the following. Please answer and number accordingly. Each should be at least 250 words. Media sources must be cited. Can all be on same pages. Doesn’t need cover page or anything just answers numbered.

1.Current Event related to The Sub-Saharan African Realm

2. Current Event related to The South Asian Realm

3. Current Event related to The East Asian Realm

4. Current Event related to The Southeast Asian Realm

5. Current Event related to The Austral Realm

6.South Asia’s population is likely to be more affected by global climate change than any other world realm.  Do you agree or disagree?  Explain.

7.East Asia is a huge, physically diverse region. In the past, the region has been split between two economic models. Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan practice a model of free-market capitalism. China, North Korea, and Mongolia practice a form of communism influenced by the [ex-]Soviet Union. What do you think are the most important and interesting changes NOW under way in East Asia? How do you see influence and power shifting in the region?

8.What are some of the basic geographic, economic, and social differences between mainland and insular Southeast Asia? What is similar?

9.What are some of the basic geographic, economic, and social differences between mainland and insular Southeast Asia? What is similar?

10. The Pacific Realm: “a great drama of economic and political transformation will play itself out during the 21st century?” What does this mean and do you agree or disagree with the author’s statement?

11. In what ways would a teaching field of interest [or course of study] fit into one of the geography sub-disciplines

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