, such as depression.

Write 4 pages with APA style on The Experiences of Men Diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Following the conduction of the study, the researchers recommended that public and health professionals should raise awareness on male breast cancer in order to encourage men to undergo testing in order to identify breast cancer and the related malignancies in their early stages (Boehmer 2012).

Because of the rampant cases of late discovery of breast cancer in male patients, the study would act as a major contribution towards the enhancement of better public health. The study will be a key source material for other studies aimed at the topic of breast cancer in men. The research problem, in this case, has a clear definition of coming up with the adequate level of evidence to ensure effective medical care in the complex healthcare settings (Quach 2012). It is important to note that global health practice environment is becoming more complex, with professional requirements and patient demands increasing by the day. With such dynamic settings and demands, health professionals need adequate evidence in order to make the right health-related decisions. With this in mind, the problem is significant enough to justify the investigation.

The literature review provides an adequate core evidence synthesis on the topic of the study. It involves an analysis of the available literature and thus, a judgment of the effectiveness of the practice. The literature review acts as a predetermined plan of minimizing bias in researching the topic of the study, as well as a process of ensuring rigor in making findings. The literature review of the research study creates a good basis for the stating of the hypotheses and the research questions that are involved in the study. However, the study does not clearly state the research questions. However, it able to depict the researchers’ won speculation that male patients diagnosed with breast cancer depict signs of psychological problems, such as depression.

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