Technology has immersed person’s life


Chapter 1


Technology has immersed person’s life; wearable technology has potential increase in the market share the biggest challenges for maintaining the secrecy of the person. The manufactures are numerous. Have taken more data with the increase in the demand has led to dismay of the security breach for the data stealing.

Problem Statement

  • No regulatory approval for wearable devices
  • Lack of encryption

The regulation governing bodies such FDA will the regulate the wearable device. The medical devices must occur through standard of series laid by the FDA. These devices are counted as the medical devices, according to the FDA. It possesses the significant impact on the caliber of medical devices which drive the manufacture to preserve the character of the merchandise. In FDA guideline class 1 and class 2 product come under the lower risk

            The FDA just gives the clearance to the product which are lower risk, such as tongue depressors for another example apple watch. The watch comes under the class 2 for the class 1 and class 2 the witch got clearance not approved by the FDA. There often than not, items are cleared because they’re adequately like a current therapeutic gadget that the FDA previously controlled. Apple, in any case, has stressed that it has obtained an “all over again” order for the EKG highlight. That means that, although it’s all the same in Class II as far as hazard and hasn’t experienced as a pile of testing as an “endorsed” gadget, it’s not normal for whatever else available

Generally, guaranteeing something is “all over again” is a less normal method for making gadgets to push, however it’s getting progressively prominent, includes Speer, as we mix wellness devices with rising innovation. “We’re working to keep on observing these wearable advancements traverse and get directed as therapeutic gadgets.

The second big challenge lack of encryption wearable technology. The little devices with less processor capabilities are vulnerable to be united with other device easily by which the data can be tracked. The developing the computational and algorithms which suite the low processor and play efficiently for the authentication for pairing devices

The ware able device app collects the data and store information into the application of the devices and to their network serves, this will be easy targets for the hacker breach the connection and transfer the data.When an individual is unsecured server can be sent infected file through fake promotions upon opening this personal information can be transmitted. In further, we discuss role FDA and computational algorithms help to protect the privacy of the individual.

Goal to be achieved

The main goal is to study the governing bodies how they are playing the vital role in regulating manufacturing of the product which is the main objective of the FDA in medical technology

  • Minimize the errors
  • Improve the access
  • Reduce the cost

Increase the quality of the equipment

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