theories and concepts fr

will be based on your analysis of a corporation of your choosing. Please use the discussion thread provided in Blackboard to reserve your desired corporation. Using applicable theories and concepts fr

will be based on your analysis of a corporation of your choosing. Please use the

discussion thread provided in Blackboard to reserve your desired corporation.

Using applicable theories and concepts from the book, perform an analysis of your selected company’s

corporate citizenship. The term paper should be single-spaced, approximately 1500-2000 words

(excluding citations) and should incorporate multiple sources, appropriately cited (APA style), and

should reference appropriate concepts from the text. Direct quotation of language from other sources

should be held to no more than two short sentences and must be in quotations. Analyze the

company’s performance through a responsibility assessment/audit using public sources. The scope of

the paper should include:

▪ Brief introduction

▪ Analysis:

o What has been this organization’s track record regarding corporate social responsibility?

o Who are their most important stakeholders? How successfully have they managed the

relationships with those stakeholders?

o How successful has the company been in proactively managing public issues? Have they

engaged their stakeholders successfully?

o At what phase of Corporate Global Citizenship (see figure 7.1 on page 145) is this

company? On what do you base your assessment?

o Has this company undergone any scandals or public relations problems related to social

-responsibility? If so, what do you believe are the reasons for these ethical lapses

(review pages 75-78 in the text)?

o Does the company perform any type of formal social / environmental reporting, such as

triple bottom line reporting?

o What is the company’s stance on lobbying?

o What is their record on sustainable development and management of environmental


o What is their policy on corporate governance? For instance, is their board made up

primarily of outside or inside directors? Are the roles of Chair and CEO separate or are

they filled by the same individual? Why are these issues important?

o What is your assessment of their customer relations (including consumer protection) as

well as their employee relationships?

o What is their record with respect to diversity?

▪ Summary and your overall assessment of this organization from a CSR perspective.

For your paper, you must reference one or more of the topics that we discussed in class, and relate these

discussions to your selected company’s actions or performance.

This paper must be an original work; refer to official university policies for a detailed treatment of

plagiarism and academic dishonesty. Please submit your paper via the indicated TurnItIn link on

Blackboard to confirm its originality. A similarity score of more than 10% – 15% is cause for a careful

review of your paper; a score higher than 15% – 20% will result in a grade penalty. Once your final paper

is submitted, a plagiarized work will expose you to severe academic penalties. If you have any questions

regarding the appropriateness of your paper, please see me prior to submittal.

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