This Assignment will have you continuing to prepare for your role in medical management

This Assignment will have you continuing to prepare for your role in medical management.

It is your job to ensure employees, patients and yourself are protected, and OSHA compliant at all times, and this includes ensuring your employees use Personal Protective Equipment (gloves, eye goggles, masks if needed, etc.) and having a disaster plan that includes protocol for dealing with emergencies such as fire or natural disaster. Your Assignment is to create a training PowerPoint for your employees.

Below you will find the information you need to create a training PowerPoint. Each slide will have a title. List the answers/information on each slide of your assigned slides. Include the title on each slide.

Slide # 1: Title this slide “OSHA Training,” with your name, the name of your Unit 6 fictional practice and the date.

Slide# 2: Title this slide “OSHA Inspections” and then copy the questions provided for you onto your slide; and answer to the following questions:

  1. OSHA conducts inspections based on the six most hazardous workplaces in the following order of priority: (list and describe the inspections for each one. Slide # 3: Title this slide “On-site Inspections”
  2. What are the five main components of an OSHA On-site Inspection?

Slide # 4: Title this slide “Penalties”

  1. What are the different types of penalties violations and the consequences if found guilty?

Types of Penalties.OSHA Penalties Retrieved from

Slide # 5: Title this slide “OSHA Region Offices” Using the resource provided, find the Regional Office from your State and list the contact information including a reference. (This allows employees to have the contact information for their specific OSHA area).

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