today’s culture

In today’s culture, understanding what is truth and what is not truth is critical. It is also important to understand ‘truth’ from a scientific perspective in order to evaluate the information for facts to make a decision related to your own research. However, truth is not always clear and is dependent on accuracy and validity, two key terms discussed in the lectures.

In this assignment, you will be asked to evaluate the truthfulness of a statement(s) or concepts discussed in the media. Choose an article related to COVID-19 pandemic in the US that has recently published (i.e. over the past 6 months). It can be related to any aspect of the pandemic (the political response, the use of masks, development of vaccine, transmission rates, etc.). Specifically, you should address the following in your assignment:

1) Clearly state the over arching thesis statement of the article. (3 marks)

2) In 500 words (or less), answer the question: “Do you think this article presents the truth?” In your answer, discuss the ‘truthfulness’ of the thesis statement and the supporting arguments. You can use the information presented and discussed in the lectures as a starting point to help discuss the truth. Other resources (i.e. journal papers) can also be used to support your arguments. (8 marks)

3) How can accuracy and validity define the truth regarding the thesis statement of the article you have chosen? Be sure to discuss the various types of accuracy and validity. For instance, you can discuss the accuracy of the measurements, the definition of the variables, etc. You answer for this part of the assignment should be no more than 500 words (9 marks)

Please compose your answers in paragraph form.