Traning process


The assignment need to do is…

Part 1 : summaries the cause and effect of fishbone inside the journal. (The journal i had given to you)

Part 2 : application of HR based on the industry i choosen (technologies industry). Need to draw 3 analysis . 1 analysis 1 fishbone. This analysis must related to HR concept. Example, the dv is training process then we need to find what factor cause training process. (The citation can find at normal article website no need journal)

3 analysis

i. Traning process

ii. Recruitment process

iii. Retrenchment

Abstract. This study suggests the fishbone diagram for technological analysis. Fishbone diagram (also called Ishikawa diagrams or cause-and-effect diagrams) is a graphical technique to show the several causes of a specific event or phenomenon. In particular, a fishbone diagram (the shape is similar to a fish skeleton) is a common tool used for a cause and effect analysis to identify a complex interplay of causes for a specific problem or event. The fishbone diagram can be a comprehensive theoretical framework to represent and analyze the sources of innovation. Fishbone diagram is applied here as a novel graphical representation to identify, explore and analyse whenever possible, the potential root causes of the source and evolution of General Purpose Technologies (GPTs). Overall, then, fishbone diagram seems to be an appropriate and general technique of graphical representation to explore and categorize, clearly and simply, the potential root causes of the evolution of technological innovations for an appropriate management of technology. Keywords. Fishbone diagram, General purpose technology; Source of technical change, Management of technology, Technology evolution, Evolution of technology.