Turner Management Training


MISM 3115 Assignment 1: Turner Management Training, LLC

Turner Management Training, LLC sells online management training books and streaming videos to customers in the U.S. who want to improve their management skills. The company promotes its products in two ways: through (1) direct email and (2) web-based banner ads. Your manager has asked you to analyze sales data and make recommendations to improve its overall sales based on the results of the analysis. To get started, download the Excel data file A1_TurnerManagementTrainingSales.xlsx. The data file includes sales transactions for a single day. Other data include Customer ID, Region of Purchase, Payment Method, Source of Contact (e.g., did the customer respond to a direct email or a web-based banner ad), Amount of Purchase, Product Purchased (either online book or video), and the Time of Day of each sale (24-hr format).

Part 1: Data Analysis

Review the data elements in the file and then create PivotTables and Charts to answer the following analysis questions. Note the PivotTables and Charts can be stacked on a single worksheet labeled “Analysis.”. Clearly label PivotTable and Chart that correspond with the question (see examples below). NOTE: the PivotTable and Charts need to correctly show the unit of measure (for example, if the question is asking for the number of customers then the unit of measure is “Count”; If the question is asking about sales, then the unit of measure is total sales or average sales, depending on the question).