vernacular focusing on canonizing the literature of Chinese

Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic China. Additionally, the essay discusses the philosophy of Confucius herein referred as Confucianism and how it has influenced the lives of the people of China in reality to date. Finally, the paper provides an in-depth analysis of the 1911 – 1949 revolution as the revolution with the greatest impact on China socially, economically and politically. A brief summary conclusion shall be provided that summarizes the thoughts in this essay.

Redness or red as it were was a term used to refer to certain attitudes that were political and ideological. They were prescribed by the doctrine of Maoist. The expert on the other hand usually juxtaposed with the reds was used to denote special skills or knowledge in science or technology. As such tension existed between the two groups in the twentieth century in China with the two terms used in juxtaposition to one another (Schoppa, pg.112). Therefore redness had to do with the political and ideological attitudes while experts were intellectuals in this period. As such during the twentieth century, the two sides conflicted with beliefs that the two were mutually exclusive and could not be combined.

Strauss, (578 -580) explains: As the two sides differed in ideologies it became difficult for them to strike a balance between the two in China. Chinese literature was indeed very crucial for nation building having a very resilient traditional cultural legacy. Thus it defined Chinese nationalism. Therefore striking a balance between reds and experts became one great challenge for this nation. The nation then took to carry out education reforms from the 1950s onwards and Chinese literature entangled with the nation building. As such the nation’s culture was defined by its literature.

In the wake of a movement called the new culture, Kaozheng (reds) method came to be first provided. This was in 1917. Through this, a novel was written in vernacular focusing on canonizing the literature of Chinese.