Week 1: History, Content, and Structure of Nursing Theories

Assignment Guidelines

Identify your potential DNP Project. Describe the site (for example, hospital or clinic) or specific unit in which you would like to implement your DNP Project. Discuss (using specific steps) how to choose, evaluate, and implement a theory-guided practice within the organization or unit. Describe why it is important to understand the theories that guide practice.

Your paper should be two pages long (not including the title page or reference page) and use correct APA (7th edition) formatting.

This assignment will be graded using the Assignment 1.1 Nursing Theories for Practice Rubric found in your syllabus.


Discussion Guidelines

Initial Post

Reflecting on the information presented in your text, answer the following questions:

  1. Describe one concept of the nursing metaparadigm and apply it to your practice.
  2. Identify three major tenets (beliefs) of your personal philosophy of nursing.
  3. Explain how you came to believe in these ideals.

This discussion will be graded using the Discussion Initial Post and Replies Rubric found in your syllabus.