Week 1 – Weekly Review PSY331

Question 1

The ______________ stimulus (e.g. a bell) predicts the occurrence of another stimulus (e.g. food).

Question 2

The stimulus-response (SR) model represents




cognitive mapping
Question 3

Thordike first suggested the ______________________, based on behaviorism.

reaction effect  

laws of learning  

Pavlov effect  

response-action compilation
Question 4

_______ is describes the identifiability of a word and _______ describes the intensity of an event.

Belongingness; availability  

Availability; vividness  

Impressiveness; belongingness  

Vividness; impressiveness
Question 5

A set of principles used to explain, predict, and understand how a phenomenon occurs is called a

conceptual framework  



Question 6

_________________ claims that outward manifestations due to associative strengths, should be psychology’s only focus of studying learning behaviors.

Molar behaviorism  

Radical behaviorism  

Psychological behaviorism 

Question 7

Pavlov developed the ______________________ model.

stimulus-organism-response (SOR)
reflex-dominant (RD)

reflex-associative (RA)

stimulus-response (S-R)
Question 8

Prior to the idea of _________, Aristotle suggested the idea of ___________________.

psychology; mind exploration  

association; connectionism  

effect laws; time mapping  

connectionism; association
Question 9

An example of discovery learning would be

mixing to chemical elements to determine the effects.
listening to an audio and visual presentation.
reading and interpreting concept maps.
actively listening to authentic lectures of past presidents.
Question 10
Jason is rewarded for his efforts every 10 minutes. This is an example of

rate of reinforcers
pre-destined accountability

associative strength

proximal causation
Question 11
Behaviorism suggests that _____________________ will increase the likelihood of the behavior reoccurring.

negative reinforcers only

positive and negative reinforcers


positive reinforcers only
Question 12

Humanism suggests that learning is _________

facilitator dependent



Question 13
Prior to the theory of behaviorism, psychology focused on

the mind.

biologic factors.

cell discrimination.
Question 14
A set of principles used to explain, predict, and understand why a phenomenon occurs is called a


conceptual framework


Question 15
In marketing, it is suggested that the use of intermittent schedules of reinforcement reduces

public opinion

buying trends

Question 16

________________was a contributor to the behaviorism movement.

A. Maslow

D. Goleman

J. B. Watson

C.G. Jung
Question 17

The fact that a person opens the door when they hear knocking would be an example of the theory of ______________.




Question 18

Using paired-stimuli, such as food and a bell, to invoke a response, (e.g. a dog salivating) is called


classical conditioning

operant conditioning
Question 19
If the response to a stimulus is considered the conditioned response (CR), this infers that the response has been __________________.




Question 20

___________, in general, suggests that we learn through a physiological response to __________.

A behavior; stimuli

A behavior; motivators

Behaviorism; stimuli

Behaviorism; motivators
Question 21

_______ can affect the outcomes and effectiveness of knowledge acquisition.


Conceptual frameworks

Skeptical inquiry
Question 22

______________ concentrates on how the learning is manifested, instead of the process of learning

Behavior analysis

Predictive analysis
Discriminate analysis

Radical analysis
Question 23

_____________ argue that the number of events occurring within a specific time frame is the most important aspect to behavior conditioning.

Classical conditioning behaviorists


Molar behaviorists

Radical behaviorists
Question 24

____________________ introduced the theory of connectionism.





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