Week 2 -Integrative and Transformative Paradigms, Theories and Practice Exemplars

Discussion Guidelines

Initial Post

Which integrative or transformative theories would you identify as being the most relevant to your clinical practice? Find a nursing research article that applies the theory into clinical practice and describe its application; include the full APA citation for the article.

This discussion will be graded using the Discussion Initial Post and Replies Rubric found in your syllabus.


Assignment Guidelines

After completing the assigned readings, answer one question from category one and one question from category two. Be specific, give specific examples, and cite at least one source in each answer.

Your paper should be two to three pages long (not including the title page or reference page) and use correct APA 7th edition formatting.

Category One

Exemplar 1: Analyze the JBSM practice exemplar (Chapter 7, p. 102). Discuss one strength and one challenge of this model for nursing applications.

Exemplar 2: Compare the Orem practice (Chapter 8, p. 130) to aspects of your own clinical practice. Which of the three steps of Orem’s process of nursing is most challenging?

Exemplar 3: Select one of Roy’s four adaptive modes and share how it has been displayed in the practice exemplar (Chapter 10, p. 160).

Category Two

Exemplar 4: Describe how Parse’s concept of true presence (Chapter 15) could apply to your practice.

Exemplar 5: Explain how the nurse practitioner in the HEC exemplar (Chapter 16, p. 287) fostered the process of expanding consciousness.