What is Literature?

Understanding Literature

In this class, we will be engaging with the following senses:

  • Reading
  • Watching
  • Listening
  • In order to help us with;
    • analyzing
    • critical thinking
    • research skills
  • While we enjoy
    • literature, poetry, speeches, and personal essays

Reading and Writing Assignment

For this short writing assignment, students will read the article What Literature Can Teach Us by Esther Lombardi (Links to an external site.).

After reading the article, write a three-four paragraph essay that entails your understanding of what literature is. Include how literature is beneficial to school skills and emotions. Use textual evidence from the article, to support your viewpoint.

Instructions for Submission

  • Three-Four paragraphs
  • Textual evidence to support a viewpoint
  • MLA Format and Work Cited page (utilize the MLA resource module)