Why do you value them

Reply1Hi Maria,I didn’t think about it while pondering my own values but I have to admit that autonomy is one of the things I value above others. I can see that you also have similar values as my own. I think that nurses in general will have similar values since we are in the business of caring for others, don’t you agree? I see your answers are in regards to nursing and your work mostly. I myself was thinking more about my personal life when contemplating my values. Was it easy for you to think up what your values and beliefs are? I had a difficult time to be honest. I agree with your statement about your choices being limited by the policies in place, I suppose this is also true for me at my current job.


What are values?

Q. What are your personal values?

My personal values are my family, time and career.

Q. Why do you value them?

Family is everything, I chose nursing career to provide and stability for my son. Time with family is priceless, once you lose the time you can’t get it back.

Q. What are the values in your society?

Social values accountability, honesty, knowledge, and independence

Q. How do you make choices?

I make choices by evaluating the outcome, what are the pros and cons, and if it is beneficial for me and my family

Q. Are your choices based on your values?

Yes, my choices are based on safety and wellness of my family

Q. What values are useful in society?

Useful in society knowledge, learning from different culture and beliefs.

What are the limits to personal choice?

Q. Who limits your choices?

Myself and my son, my limit is what the outcome would be

Q. Are limits to choices good?

Yes, it is good depending on your choices, but for education and wealth sky is the limit you can be what you want to be, have faith.

Q. Do you limit other people’s choices?

My son, bad choices I will give the mom and son talk, but other people that is their choice, it is their right.

Q. Should the health care organization or the government limit people’s choices? If so, how, and under what circumstances?

Limiting choices takes away freedom, and independence of people. Healthcare is good example, is it people’s right to get free healthcare or is it luxury? Meaning if people choose medical, HMO, or PPO. Medical from the government where it is limited of where you can go for healthcare, whereas PPO you can choose where you want to go.

A common idea in health care is that if you are drawn to health care as a profession, you are inherently guided by an inner compass that is composed of a strong moral framework. Why is this a dangerous assumption?

Nurses’ being the influential member of the health care field, their choices along with commitment plays an essential role for the welfare and safety of humanity. Their decision-making efficiency molded from the framework of their personal, cultural and spiritual values often lead them to ethical dilemma. In situations with conflicting moral values, the nurses are expected to be professional and ethical, and point to the Code of Ethics to obtain guidance on the ethical dilemma of allowing nurses to deliver quality care.


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