with a professional writer

1.Johnny’s company, Western Memorabilia, is highly focused on credibility. He decided to include a very robust

________ page to build credibility because he realizes it is one of the most visited pages on a website.


Contact Us



2. “Thank you for making my hair look spectacular at my wedding.” This is an example of a _________ that should be placed on a website to increase the __________.

USP, sellabililty

advertising, credibility

testimonial, sellability

outreach, credibility

3. Apple Orchard, Inc., an apple picking farm, created a Facebook page to let everyone know they are open for the season. They encourage visitors to rate their visit, submit recipes and show photos of apple picking. What type of content is this?

organization-sponsored content

paid content advertising

user-generated content

promotion-sponsored content

4. Hotels often encourage you to submit a ___________ on trip advisor if you have a good experience. Managers are concerned about ___________ feedback. Effective managers look at it as ___________ and manage it strategically.

customer review, negative, free product testing

owner review, negative, research

customer review, positive, experiments

paid review, negative, free product testing

5. Old navy sends a weekly text message with a coupon or deal for the week, this is called ___________.

print advertising

email marketing

online store

content marketing

6. Shapley Shifts sells matching dresses for girls and their mothers. The owners are building their marketing campaign and allocating dollars in the budget for the next fiscal year. Which of the following statements would be a good line item in the budget?

15% of the budget to content marketing

25% of the budget to content marketing

50% of the budget to content marketing

70% of the budget to content marketing

7. Lindsey’s Landscaping, is launching a new website and e-newsletter. She should __________ to develop her content.

contract with a professional writer

hire a marketing team

hire a CMO

not hire anyone

8. Handy Helpers, a handyman service, relies primarily on their website and blog to generate new business. They often post pictures and a brief overview of projects they helped homeowners with. What should they do before making the content go live?

Add it to other social media channels

Pay to boost their exposure


None of the above

9. HyperAid is a sports energy drink that gives the consumer energy. In developing content for their digital strategy, HyperAid should focus on _________.

the HyperAid experience.

the brand experience.

the reader’s experience.

the advertisers experience.

10. Patagonia includes interesting articles in their catalog about conservation and brand ambassadors. Which stage are they in the content marketing maturity model?

content aware

thought leader


none of the above