write a detailed competitive analysis for any hotel of your choice

After completing all reading assignments for this week; write a detailed competitive analysis for any hotel of your choice.

As you follow the steps listed on the articles, keep in mind the below:

1. Mention hotel name, location , type of hotel( resort, city hotel, airport hotel, etc), class( Luxury, economy , etc), size.

2. You are only required to provide a primary competitive set. At least 3 hotels besides your own. Explain why you chose your specific competitive set.

3. Explain your competitor’s market positioning and compare it to yours.

3.  In addition to each hotels’ website; please refer to trip advisor to gain insights on their service experience. Make sure you look at their tripadvisor ranking and compare it to yours. Add some initiatives you would take to help improve your hotel’s ranking.

4. Conduct pricing shops for each of your competitors to try to identify their pricing by seasons. Explain if your hotel is appropriately positioned by season compared to its competitive set. Make sure you also look at the packages and/ or promotions they are offering and how these compare to yours.

5. Explain the steps you will take to ensure your hotel is always ahead of the competition.

Please ensure your work reflects your level as a professional graduate student.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.