Ranhill Utilities Berhad

  1. a) Identify and describe the scope of business organisation in the nation and the world today. In your opinion, explain how the scope has an impact on the industry on the global platform. [CLO 1]

Detail of the company:
Ranhill Utilities Berhad (MYX: 5272) is a Malaysian conglomerate with interests in environment and power sectors. In the environment sector, it provides water supply services, operates water and wastewater treatment plants, and provides specialised services in the management and optimisation of water utility assets. In the power sector, it develops, owns and operates power generation assets. Its operations and services are primarily in Malaysia, and its international operations are cantered in Asian markets such as China, Thailand and South East Asia.

Scope of business:

In the environment business, Ranhill has been granted an exclusive license by the Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Malaysia to provide source-to-tap water supply services to end-customers in the entire State of Johor, the second most populous state in Malaysia, with a population of approximately 3.5 million people. Outside Malaysia, it operates water concession assets on a BOT, BTO and TOT basis in China which consist of 8 wastewater treatment plants with capacities ranging from 5.0 MLD to 80.0 MLD and a 30.0 MLD reclamation plant. In Thailand, Ranhill has 4 potable water treatment plants with capacities ranging from 10.5 MLD to 15.0 MLD, 4 wastewater treatment plants with capacities ranging from 1.5 MLD to 24.0 MLD and a 10.0 MLD reclamation plants. In addition, through its joint venture, Yichun Pinang, Ranhill also operates a potable water treatment plant in Yichun City, China with a treatment capacity of 50.0 MLD.

In the power business, Ranhill owns and operates two 190 MW CCGT power plants in Sabah, Malaysia via its subsidiaries, RPI and RPII, on a BOO and BOT basis, generating 380 MW of electricity for a 21-year period, commencing on 25 October 2008 and on 22 April 2011 with respect to RPII. It provides O&M services to its RPI and RPII power plants through RPOM and RPOMII, respectively.

Ranhill conducts its environment business through RSAJ, RWSB and RWT (Cayman), which were all part of RUSB prior to the Pre-Offering Reorganisation.RUSB was incorporated in Malaysia under the Act in June 2000 as a public limited company under the name of Insan Utiliti Berhad and assumed the name of Ranhill Utilities Berhad in January 2002. The incorporation of Ranhill Utilities Berhad was primarily to facilitate SAJH’s listing on the Main Board of Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (now known as Main Market of Bursa Securities).

Water supply – SAJH was formed to carry out the water supply services in Johor for 30 years commencing from 1 March 2000. Pursuant to its delisting on 28 August 2008, Ranhill Utilities Berhad subsequently assumed the name of RUSB on 2 July 2009.Pursuant to a vesting order made in 1994 by the Menteri Besar Johor under the Water Supply Enactment 1993, all assets, rights, liabilities and staff of the State Government of Johor with respect to the water supply services were transferred to and vested in SAJSB, a company owned by the State Government of Johor. The water supply services business in Johor was subsequently privatised to SAJH as part of the State Government of Johor’s effort to further improve the operation and service level of water supply in Johor. In April 1999, SAJH, together with LOSB, entered into a concession agreement with the State Government of Johor and SAJSB to provide water supply services to the entire State of Johor.

Water sewerage – On 1 September 2009, SAJH migrated to the licensing regime under the Water Services Industry Act, and the concession agreement was terminated upon SAJH’s migration to the new licensing regime. In February 2005, RUSB acquired a 70% equity stake in RWT, which enabled the company to expand into wastewater and sewerage technology business, particularly in the areas of potable water treatment, wastewater and sewerage treatment as well as process water systems. At the point of acquisition, RWT had a track record of completing water and wastewater treatment projects throughout Asia, notably Malaysia, Thailand and China. Subsequently, in 2008, RUSB formed RWT (Cayman) through a joint-venture arrangement with Robinson, a unit of Aqua Resources Fund Limited, through which various water concessions in China previously held under RUSB Group were subsequently held under RWT (Cayman) pursuant to an internal reorganisation. In order to enhance Ranhill’s position as well as reap higher benefits from its potential ventures in China, in June 2014, Ranhill entered into a conditional sale and purchase agreement with RUSB (in conjunction with the Acquisition of RUSB Companies as described in Section 6.1.4 of this Prospectus) for the post-Offering acquisition of the remaining 47.9% equity interest in RWT (Cayman) that Ranhill does not currently own. This acquisition will allow Ranhill to hold 100% equity interest in RWT (Cayman) after the completion of the Offering.In February 2005, RUSB established RWSB to offer specialised operational support and services to water companies in the management and optimisation of water utility assets.

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