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Question 1

/ 5 pts

The institutional Legislative Theory and Methodology (ILTAM) consists of __________ steps.





Question 2

/ 5 pts

In translating a proposed policy into effectively implemented law, the social and the monetary costs and benefits of all the following must be compared, EXCEPT:

the executive prerogative

the preferred solution

the status quo

the nearest alternative solution

Question 3

/ 5 pts

Law-making in today’s rapidly changing world may require an ongoing process of drafting, implementing, monitoring and redrafting.



Question 4

/ 5 pts

Only members of Congress may introduce legislation.



Question 5

/ 5 pts

Most bills fall under the jurisdiction of several committees.



Question 6

/ 5 pts

The procedure of sending a bill to a committee is called _________.





Question 7

/ 5 pts

Senate rules are _________ and _______________.

simple, informal

complex, formal

inflexible, informal

simple, formal

Question 8

/ 5 pts

House rules are _________________ and _____________.

complex, formal

simple, formal

complex, informal

simple, informal

Question 9

/ 5 pts

Under New Mexico’s Legislature, a committee can make any recommendation it sees fit concerning legislation.



Question 10

/ 5 pts

A filibuster is an extended speech given by a majority senator to prevent the passage of a bill.



Question 11

/ 5 pts

A filibuster can be ended with a ___________ in the Senate.

cloture vote

another filibuster

a pocket veto

an omnibus bill

Question 12

/ 5 pts

The ____________________ may consider a bill for amendment section by section or paragraph by paragraph in case of appropriations measures.

Committee of the Whole

Judiciary Committee


Rules Committee

Question 13

/ 5 pts

A panel of members representing each house of Congress that attempts to negotiate a version of a bill acceptable to both chambers is called a ___________________.

conference committee


means and ways

joint committee

Question 14

/ 5 pts

If the President does not return a bill presented for signing within _________ days, the bill becomes law.





Question 15

/ 5 pts

The Executive Office of the President (EOP) was created in ___________.





Question 16

/ 5 pts

The President of the United States’ veto power is found in _______________ of the Constitution.

Article I, Section 7

Article I, Section 5

Article II, Section 7

Article II, Section 2

Question 17

/ 5 pts

The first presidential veto was issued by ___________________.

George Washington

John Quincy Adams

William Jefferson Clinton

Abraham Lincoln

Question 18

/ 5 pts

The pocket veto is an absolute veto and cannot be overridden unlike the regular veto.



Question 19

/ 5 pts

Congress rarely overrides a veto.



Question 20

/ 5 pts

The first successful congressional override of a veto occurred in __________.





Quiz Score: 100 out of 100

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