A case study analysis requires you

A case study analysis requires you to investigate a patient case or problem, examine the alternative solutions, and propose the most effective solution using supporting evidence and design a comprehensive exercise prescription protocol.  You are being offered a patient profile and being charged with crafting a Case Study Report for the patient based on the information provided. 


Prior to crafting your Case Study Report, I HIGHLY encourage you to review the attached guidelines, review the example offered in the ‘Study Guides’ content area to the left and review the Case Study Report Rubric. You will be assessed on the structure of your report. You should include the following sections: 

  • Statement or the main problem
  • Patient profile
  • Medications
  • Alternative to current therapy recommendations
  • Exercise prescription protocol
  • FITT-VP protocol


  • Identification of the main issue(s) or problem(s) you need to clearly state the main issue(s) or problem(s) under a bolded heading. Any additional issue(s) or problem(s) can be offered under the identified main issue(s) or problem(s). (2pts)
  • Patient profile needs to include all the information offered in the Case Study Assignment document and expanded information articulating any possible complications this information may present when considering the identified main issue(s) or problem(s). (5pts)
  • Medications section should include a description of each medication offered in the Case Study Assignment, the medications intended effect and any possible complications associated with this medication use. (5pts)
  • Alternatives to the currently recommended therapy should address a specific aspect of the case, cited and referenced. (3pts)
  • Exercise prescription protocol should be detailed to the extent of the ACSM guidelines and offer supplemental information addressing the reasons for this specific prescription. (5pts)
  • FITT-VP protocol should be organized in a chart/table format and include such detail that a patient or exercise physiologist could implement the protocol immediately. This detail should include the movement prescribed, frequency, intensity and volume. A protocol addressing strength, cardiovascular and mobility components to a complete program should be included. Recommendations of progression should be included as well. (15pts)
  • Writing Mechanics and Grammar will also be assessed. Page limits, spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, citation and reference errors will be assessed. (5pts)