Actuarial Discourse Community

Actuarial Discourse Community

Read John Swales’ “The Concept of Discourse Community” , attached.

think about “actuarial science discourse community” and write a 300-500 words paragraph how the actuarial science discourse community meets the six characteristics of a discourse community in Swales”the concept of discourse community”   

For example, what are its shared goals?  What is its lexis? What are its genres? 

-something useful on actuarial discourse community

“Actuaries have many methods of Communication that they use to communicate amongst themselves. There primary methods are the normal mays people communicate such as emails and team meetings. But they also have some unconventional ways they communicate with other actuaries.

Actuaries manipulate data and use the data to come up with prices or insurance companies. One way they manipulate and send data would deb through the use of excel spreadsheets. These allow them to read and evaluate large sets of data with ease. In MA 170 this is how we practice for the real deal. We do labs based on problems actuaries face and have to use excel to store all of our data. We also turning in an excel spreadsheet.”