addressed in this Assignment:

Unit outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

  • Evaluate and critique fitness and exercise programs.
  • Define the health risks associated with various diseases.
  • Explain the impact of exercise on a target population and the benefits of encouraging healthy behaviors.

Course Outcomes addressed in this Assignment:

EF310-6: Evaluate current research outcomes for exercise and fitness programs in the community and/or corporate based setting.
PC-1.2: Contribute to team goals and objectives through active participation and collaboration.
GEL-8.02: Apply Critical Thinking to use principles of sound reasoning.

Assignment Background:

An increasing number of employers are recognizing the importance of encouraging employees to engage in healthy behaviors and implementing programs to assist employees. Many employers have been offering wellness programs for many years and have been evaluated as model programs. Learning more about existing worksite programs can help the fitness professional, employer, and community.


This is a team Assignment. Your instructor will assign you to a group (see Announcements for group members). As a group, choose one of the National Healthy Worksite Program Case Studies to review and critique (find the link of all case studies below). Collaborate as a group to answer the questions below about the program. Each group member will be submitting a copy of the Assignment and should include all names of group members. Students will be graded on their collective work.

Choose any CDC National Healthy Worksite Case Study found here:

Employers in Action: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved from

In your Assignment, discuss the effectiveness of the selected program. Your paper should follow the format below and address all of the following questions:

  • A brief description of the case study you selected.
  • According to the case study that you selected, why is it important to address obesity in the workplace or community? Provide specific examples if offered in the selected case study. You are encouraged to utilize additional sources beyond the case study.
  • How does the case study that you selected incorporate other community stakeholders such as healthcare providers, schools, retail outlets, or public health departments to develop effective interventions targeting obesity or healthy changes? Provide examples offered in your selected case study.
  • How does the case study you selected address motivational strategies for better health choices for its target audience? For example, incentives for participating in employer weight loss programs. Use specific examples from the case study.
  • How does the case study you selected support overweight/obese individuals who face barriers to change? How does the program offer support to its target audience? Use specific examples from the case study.
  • What does the program discussed in your case study hope to gain by offering opportunities for employees to be healthier? Do you believe the program will be effective at helping their employees be successful?