aluminum screen door

It’s actually due in 5 hours. I posted it now as it is a discussion question and hopefully won’t take long to answer. Thank you!

Read these instructions and select one (1) A question and one (1) B question to answer in the discussion thread in a single main post.

You are to write a minimum of 300-400 words for your main post and a minimum of 100-150 words for each response to a classmate. Always support your ideas, arguments, and comments with appropriately referenced (APA) literature, theory, and research. Respond with sufficient detail to support your position while citing specific examples and applying concepts from the course materials. Please ensure that you include in-text citations and a proper bibliographic reference for all of your sources, to include the course materials. Writing mechanics count in every post you make.

A. QUESTIONS (select one for discussion):

1. Review the sequential processing chart I have attached here.

How would you process this type of print? Justify your answers.

A single print on an aluminum screen door exposed to the elements

A palm print on a highly polished and sealed terrazzo stone floor

Two prints found on a window pane that has the majority of paint missing

A single print on a cash register

A palm print in blood on a tiled floor

2. Fingerprint evidence is one of the most common form of forensic evidence found at a crime scene. Define and discuss the three types of evidence prints that are recovered from a crime scene. Discuss the best methods for collecting and preserving each type of evidence print. Are there multiple steps that you follow? If so do these steps need to be performed in a particular order? Why did you select that technique or techniques?

3. Discuss the composition of latent print residue and how does it affect the viability of latent prints? How does the composition of latent print residue affect the choice of latent print processing technique? Can you process an item of evidence sequentially using multiple techniques in a specific order?

4. This one is going to require some research. I would like you to find a real-life case from any era or time frame that was solved by the use of fingerprint examination and post a summary here. Make sure you specify the role that fingerprint identification made in either solving the case and/or convicting an offender.

B. QUESTIONS (select one for discussion):

1. Shoe and tire impression evidence is the most overseen evidence at a crime scene, however, can provide a lot of good information leading to the suspect. As we discussed in week 1, we have class and individual characteristics that lead to the suspect.

Looking at tire impression evidence, what type of information can we obtain from the size, depth and pattern of a tire impression? What are the best methods for collecting tire and footwear impressions at a crime scene? Since shoes and tires represent a type of class evidence are they important? What can increase the evidentiary value of class evidence (specific to tires or shoes)? What is the difference between a footprint and a shoeprint? What types of crime scenes might have toolmarks? What are some of the methods for collecting toolmarks at a crime scene other than bringing the item to the lab?

2. Identify and discuss how you would collect impressions in each of the following situations. Explain why you selected that particular technique and why it is the best choice for the type of evidence you are attempting to preserve & collect. Are there multiple steps you follow in a particular order? Why is it necessary to follow the steps in order?

Shoe print in dry sand

Tool mark on a windowsill

Tire marks in soft earth

Shoe print on a loose piece of tile

3. Identify and discuss the steps to document and preserve a 3-dimensional shoe or tire impression. Explain why these steps are important.

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