analysis a movie

Create a 5 pages page paper that discusses analysis a movie. Alice is a star in the game but it is hard to say the same for the movie. The initial 3D scenes have been repetitive and are hardly impressive, a weak beginning was not well received by the audience and as a result of which the movie failed to live up to the expectations of the fans. The paper will expansively present the other important aspects of the movie. 2. “In a world ravaged by a virus infection, turning its victims into the Undead, Alice (Milla Jovovich), continues on her journey to find survivors and lead them to safety.” (After Life) The materials used in the movie are quite unique and one of its kind, the movie is a 3D movie and it involves animation and special effects. The effects however have not been presented as the fans expected it to be. 3. The artist is trying to present a world in which Zombies grow by leaps and bounds, a virus is affecting the human race and annihilation has been portrayed in the movie. B. Visual Arts 1. The movie bears no resemblance to reality. it is purely a fictitious flick. It is based on human beings turning into Zombies because of a virus and it has nothing to do with reality. 2. The artists is portraying the future in the movie, a virus which would affect our human race might end up making us all Zombies as shown in the movie. It represents the future. 3. The work of the artists is without a doubt good but the movie is purely a fictitious movie and bears no resemblance to reality so the work can never be believed. C. Artistic Concept 1. “The movie contains strong bloody violence and language.” (British Board of Film Classification) Being a 3D movie the visual artists have done a good job, Alice stood out for her performance. she is much more adored by the fans in the game than in the movie. Nevertheless her performance was a tour de force, she loses her supernatural powers when she is injected in the movie, she becomes human again but she single handedly carries the movie, the movie would have done very badly had it not been for her. Other characters were merely present in the movie but had no effect whatsoever. The performance of the characters is fine but being a fictitious movie it is hard to believe the scenes in the movie, it is fair to say that the movie is entirely fictitious. 2. Viewer interaction fails in this movie and as an inevitable result of which the movie also fails, the movie does not present enough opportunities to the viewers to interact and get involved in the movie. 3. The work does not appeal to the emotions because it is fictitious, it would have appealed to the emotions of the audience had it had any resemblance to the reality, on top of that it is not a job well done. D. Use of Lighting in Creative Designs 1. “The movie was written by Paul W.S. Anderson.” (Writer) The use of lighting has been good in the movie. the character of Alice has been presented very vividly in the movie. The presentation has been certainly special because the movie is a 3D movie, being a third dimensional movie it had nothing stunning in it, several other 3D movies are way better than this movie.

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