Analysis of Teacher’s Lounge Discussion

Case Study: Analysis of Teacher’s Lounge Discussion

The field of special education has seen many changes over the last several decades; however, the need for change remains an effort to provide adequate and equitable educational experiences at which all students may thrive educationally, socially, emotionally, and physically. As a special education leader and advocate, you will encounter situations that challenge you to defend the rights, beliefs, and values of diverse learners and students with exceptionalities. “Advocates are people who stand up for, speak for, and work to enhance the lives of others who are not able—or not yet able—to speak for themselves.” (Kieff, 2009). At times, your position may not be favorable to your colleagues; however, they should represent the very foundation and practices in which the history of special education was found.

For this Discussion, you will apply leadership, advocacy, policy, and law as you analyze a case study scenario in which issues arise in integrity, best practices and students’ right to privacy.

To prepare:

·         Review this module’s Learning Resources.

·         Review Frances Fowler’s Four Set Criteria in Chapters 1 and 7 of the Course’s text.

·         Enter the Grand City Community and locate West Ridge Middle School.  View the case study video titled, “The Teacher’s Lounge.”

·         Assume the role of Ms. Anderson, Special Education Teacher in the scenario. Consider what you would do upon hearing the conversation between Ms. Freed and Mr. Chase in the teacher’s lounge. What are the ethical responsibilities you should employ in advocating for Jamal? What laws or policies support your response to Ms. Freed and Mr. Chase?

For this Discussion, imagine you are Ms. Anderson, the Special Education teacher. You have set up a meeting with Ms. Freed and Mr. Chase to discuss their conversation regarding Jamal and how you plan on finding a solution.

Responding as Ms. Anderson to Ms. Freed and Mr. Chase in your meeting. Your response, must:

·         Provide an overview of what you heard in their discussion

·         Identify at least one problem or issue which arises from Ms. Freed and Mr. Chase’s conversation

·         Suggest a collaborative way to move forward and a solution to the issue or problem

·         Use law and policy to support your suggestion

Along with an explanation of how you used Fowler’s Four Set Criteria to assure that the problem you identified meets the criteria necessary to transform it into a policy issue that may lead to the implementation of a responsive policy solution.

Required Readings

Fowler, F. C., Hulett, K. E., & Kieff, J. E. (2011). Leadership, advocacy, policy, and law (Laureate Education, custom ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

·         Section III, Epilogue, “Future Implications” (pp. 622–632)

Focus on the current and future issues regarding special education law presented in this epilogue. Do any represent interests that include issues of diversity and special needs that would benefit from an advocacy plan?

·         Chapter 1, “Policy—What It Is and Where It Comes From”(pp. 3–25)

·         Chapter 7, “Setting the Stage and Getting on it: Issue Definition and Agenda Setting” (pp. 169–196)

·         Chapter 14, “Contexts for Advocacy” (pp. 412–430)

Focus on how the contexts for advocacy in early childhood presented in this chapter also apply to the contexts for advocacy in special education. Particularly, focus on the examples of how advocacy leaders work to bring about positive changes within each of the contexts for advocacy.

Required Media

Grand City Community

·         Laureate Education (Producer). (2012b). The teacher’s lounge [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.

Go to the Grand City Community and click into West Ridge Middle School. Review the following scenario: The Teacher’s Lounge.

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