Answer the following questions.

Written Assignment 4

Answer the following questions.

1. Identify six broad categories for classifying a bone according to shape.

2. Discuss the major types of surface features related to bones, explaining the significance of each.

3. Compare and contrast gigantism with acromegaly.

4. Explain the role of hormones in bone growth and development.

5. Identify the types of fractures, and list the steps in fracture repair (beginning just after the fracture occurs).

6. Identify the location of each cranial and facial bone, and locate cranial sutures.

7. Identify and discuss the function of the four spinal curves. List the parts of a typical vertebra and explain where different types of vertebrae are located.

8. Define the term appendicular skeleton, and identify the bones of the arm and forearm.

9. Describe the functional and structural categories of articulations.

10. Describe the components of a synovial joint and identify the functions of each

11. Describe the accessory structures that support the knee.

12. List a movement associated with each of the six types of synovial joints.