ART 160 Graded Quiz – Chapters 1.7 and 1.8

The ancient Greeks designed the Parthenon according to the idealized rules of proportion for the human body, creating ________ design.
 a harmonious
Rectangles based on the Golden Section can be nested inside each other to create an elegant ________.
In traditional African art of the Yoruba tribe, human imagery follows the ideal proportions identified by the ancient Egyptians in palm and hand measurements.
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When an artist uses scale to indicate the relative importance of elements in a composition, he or she is employing this kind of scale.
hierarchical scale
The relationships between the sizes of different parts of a work make up its ________.
In two-dimensional art, this is the area in which an artist creates their work.
In The School of Athens, Raphael focused our attention on two Greek philosophers positioned in the center of the work. They are ________ and ________.
 Plato . . . Aristotle
The Swedish-born artist Claes Oldenburg uses this kind of scale in his sculptures to express admiration for the little things in everyday life.
Scale can change the way a work is perceived by a viewer. By choosing to make his painting very large, the French artist Jean-François Millet elevated the importance of a group of old women working in a field. What is the name of this work?
 The Gleaners
The Flemish artist Jan van Eyck used hierarchical scale to communicate ________ importance in his painting Madonna in a Church.
The composition of this photographer’s work Fading Away appears to conform to a proportional ratio called the Golden Section.
 Henry Peach Robinson
In his work The School of Athens, this Renaissance artist created figures using the ideal human proportions developed by the ancient Greeks.
It does not matter if a sculptor is creating a human statue on a monumental scale, or a figure much smaller than lifesize: if the sculptor applies the ratio of the Golden Section, the sculpture will have naturalistic proportions.
This type of scale is common in the relief sculpture of ancient Egypt, where it was used to indicate social importance.
Dorothea Tanning’s work Eine Kleine Nachtmusik uses deliberately distorted scale to create an abnormal or ________ effect.
If the clothing of the saint was the only light area in The Funeral of St. Bonaventure, the viewer’s eye would not be easily drawn to any other areas of the composition.
If an artist painted a garden with one red flower in a field of yellow flowers, this would be an example of using color to create contrast. For the viewer, the single red flower would be ________.
a focal point in the artwork
Horizontal and vertical lines draw out notice because they appear more visually active than diagonal lines.
The opposite of emphasis is ________.
Martin Puryear’s sculpture C.F.A.O. places emphasis on a large white area of the work that mimics a mask design of the ________ tribe in Gabon, West Africa.
This is the specific part in an area of emphasis to which the viewer’s eye is drawn.
focal point
The Russian artist Marc Chagall depicted the mythical character Icarus with bright colors on a white background in order to ________.
draw attention to Icarus’s fall
Vija Celmins created Untitled (Ocean) so that there was no dominant area in the composition. This work might encourage meditation because of what quality?
The Funeral of St. Bonaventure is a painting by the Spanish artist ________.
Francisco de Zurbarán
In the Indian painting featuring the Mughal Emperor Babur in his garden (1.8.9), the garden is punctuated by a specific feature that points to the four cardinal directions. What is this feature?
Any of the ________ of art can help focus our interest on specific areas of a work of art.
In the print (1.8.6) from the series The Life of John Brown by Jacob Lawrence, broad emphasis occurs because the twelve figures ________.
are evenly balanced
In The Funeral of St. Bonaventure, the artist used the principle of ________ to create emphasis and focal point.
This artist created the print “Riverside Bamboo Market, Kyobashi,” which uses placement for emphasis and to create focal points.
Ando Hiroshige
The African American sculptor Martin Puryear was influenced by the time he spent in Africa as a member of the ________.
Peace Corps
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