aspects of OOP in Python


Write an Earthquake class that demonstrates the following aspects of OOP in Python:

  1. Create a basic class that can hold all relevant earthquake data saved in index.sqlite see below
  2. Appropriately create a constructor to set all data values .
  3. Create a regular class method that returns all or part of the Earthquake data as a dictionary object.
  4. Override the __str__ method to print a reasonable string representation of an Earthquake.
  5. Use the @property decorator to make at least one property in your Earthquake class private.
  6. Use the @???.setter method to validate the private property in some way (e.g. check if its numeric, change it’s data type, change it’s length…) before setting its value.

Write a second class called Point, Position or Time to store one or more pieces of earthquake data.This class can be included in the file.

  • The class could store latitude & longitude OR latitude and longitude and depth OR timestamp
  • You should use this class in the Earthquake class instead of storing the vales as primitive data types
  • This class should include an __init__ method and a __str__ method.  If you create class to stor time, the __str__ method should return a formatted string, not a timestamp.

You may use the Author and Article classes presented in lecture as a starting point for these classes.

Write an Earthquake_stats class that uses the Earthquake object AND a Pandas dataframe to process earthquake data and display basic statistics.

  • You should import the Earthquake module to use in this application.
  • You will read Earthquakes from the database, just like in,  but instead of putting them into individual lists for each type of date, you will create a list of Earthquake objects.
  • You will  list of earthquake objects to a Panda’s Dataframe.

o   See (Links to an external site.) for an example of how to use a custom method to turn you object into a dictionary AND use list comprehension to create a list of Earthquake dictionaries to create your DataFrame.

  • Display either the first 5 or last 5 earthquakes in the dataframe to the screen.
  • Use the dataframe to compute basic statistics for the entire population of earthquakes
  • Compute the same basic statistics for earthquakes filtered on Region. Computer a separate set of statistics for two different regions that have at least 200 earthquakes in your sample.
  • Compute the same basic statistics for all earthquakes filtered by either felt, tsunami or depth
    e.g felt > 0, tsunami > 0, depth < 50 or depth<100.

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