assignment on bedouins’

Compose a 1250 words assignment on bedouins’ adaptation to the life in the arabian desert. Needs to be plagiarism free! In order to survive in the desert, the Bedouin community needs to employ important tactics that will help them survive in the desert. Thesiger noted that the Bedouins have “phenomenal powers of endurance in the desert on minimal intakes of food and water” (qt. in McCance et al. 264). In this regard, such ability by the Bedouins enables them to survive in the worst weather conditions by rationing their food and water intakes. In effect, the amount of water and food in their supply goes a long way to help the Bedouins survive. On the other hand, a majority of human beings cannot survive in such an environment under low rations of food and water.

A study conducted by McCance et al. found out that the Bedouins produced less sweat in comparison to people living in fair climatic conditions (269). In this regard, this adaptation is important in extremely hot conditions since individuals will be able to lose less water from their body systems. In effect, these individuals will not be dehydrated and will survive in hot conditions better than other individuals will. In addition, less sweating enables individuals to use little water and consume less food regardless of the heat in the individual’s environment. Thus, less consumption of water helps the Bedouins conserve their water reserves while using the little water available to them.

According to Thesiger, the Bedouins wear “long flowing woolen garments, either light or dark in color to help to protect them from the cold at night as much as the solar radiations by day” (qt. in McCance et al. 264). These garments are from wool from animals that the Bedouins reared. These animals include sheep, which produces wool to make these garments. In this regard, the white woolen garments are important during the day in the strong sun since the garments will not absorb a lot of heat during the day. As such, the body will not experience high temperatures since the white garments have a cooling effect.


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