banking organization


Describe the typical organization of both a smaller, community-oriented bank and a large, money-center bank? What does each major division or administrative unit within the banking organization do?
What are unit banks?
What advantages might a unit bank have over banks of other organizational types? What disadvantages?
What is a branch banking organization?
What trend in branch banking has been prominent in the United States in recent years?
What is a bank holding company?
What are nonbank businesses bank holding companies permitted to acquire under the law?
What did the Riegle-Neal Interstate Banking Act do? Why was it passed into law?
What are the advantages of having a national bank charter? A state bank charter?
What factors are often considered in evaluating possible sites for new branch offices?
What are POS terminals and where are they usually located?
What services do ATMs provide? What are the principal limitations of ATMs as a service provider? Should ATM carry fees? Why?
Why is the creation (chartering) of new banks closely regulated? What about nonbank financial firms?
What key role does the FDIC play in the chartering process?