Battleship Simulation on JAVA


 Battleship Simulation on JAVA(please can you add comments for the code so that I can understand the problem)

You will write a program to play a version of the game of Battleship against the computer. Our simplified version of the game will be played on a single 8 by 8 grid. Before the actual game, each player secretly places 6 ships and 4 grenades on the grid. Ships and grenades are a single position on the grid. The position of these ships and grenades are of course hidden from the opponent. Once both players have placed their ships and grenades, the actual game starts. Each player, in turn, “shoots a rocket” on the grid(i.e. Calls a position)

– If the rocket (the position called) falls on a position where there is nothing, then nothing happens, and the other player can shoot his/her rocket.

– If the rocket falls on a coordinate where the opponent (or the player) has a grenade, then the player loses a turn, and next time, the opponent will play twice in a row.

– If the rocket falls on a coordinate where the opponent (or the player…) has a ship, then that ship sinks.

– If the rocket falls on a coordinate that has been called before, regardless of what was there before, nothing happens. (So, for example, a grenade can only explode once).

 The goal of the game is to sink all of your opponent’s ships before your opponent sinks yours.

For the sake of simplicity, you can assume that ships and grenades cannot overlap. So, you cannot have 2 grenades on the same position, have 2 ships on the same position, or have a grenade on a ship.

For example, let’s consider the following grid

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Here, one player (identified in black) has his/her 6 ships at positions A1, G1, A4, C4, G4 and A6 and 4 grenades at positions D1, B6, B7 and H6. The other player has his/her ships at H2, A3, E3, H4, E5 and C8 and 4 grenades at positions H1, B2, C6 and H7.

If black starts the game and “shoots a rocket” at position D2 then nothing happens, and we have the following grid.

Calendar Description automatically generated

It is white’s turn now. White shoots at G4. The rocket hits one of black’s ship. The ship sinks. We now have:

Calendar Description automatically generated

Black shoots at H1. The rocket hits a grenade. Black will lose a turn. We now have:

Calendar Description automatically generated

White shoots at H8. Nothing.

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White shoots again (remember, black lost a turn). White shoots at G1. It sinks another of

black’s ships.

Calendar Description automatically generated

White plays now. He is a bit confused and shoots at H4. He just sunk his own ship…

Calendar Description automatically generated

White shoots at a safe position H1. It is a grenade that already exploded. Nothing happens.

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