Benefits and Weaknesse


Leadership can be a contentious and complicated concept and it is commonly seen as linked to theories of management and associated with elevated hierarchical positions and power. I have chosen the leadership theory called transformational leadership. The beginning of transformational leadership was deeply intertwined in the idea of charisma and inspiration, and the need for adjustment within the healthcare environment which spotlights on the wellbeing of the staff (Harris & Mayo, 2018).  The peer-reviewed article chosen is discussing burnout with transformational leadership in the healthcare industry. The relationship between transformational leadership and burnout has been studied to understand that transformational leaders need peer support and leader strength (Tafvelin et al., 2019). The basis of a transformational leader is the ability to communicate the shared goals and vision of the organization to the associates (McEwen & Wills, 2019).

Benefits and Weaknesses

The benefits of transformational leadership are that it is the most widely studied and used leadership style. The transformational leader’s reputation is placed on the triumphs of completing goals in the organization (McEwen & Wills, 2019). The leadership theory for transformational is highly beneficial to the organization when the leader has emotional intelligence. The benefits of emotional intelligence in an organization are being able to be self-aware, in touch with the emotions of the employees. This will helps grow the organization in a positive direction. The weaknesses of transformation theory in organizations have been identified as possible employee burnout. Burnout is a psychological response to chronic work stress typically defined by its dimensions of emotional fatigue, depersonalization, and decreased personal accomplishment (Tafvelin et al., 2019). According to Tafvelin et al., the relationship between transformational leadership and burnout is the need to please the leader by the employee resulting in overworking both physically and mentally (2019).

Application of leadership theoretical frameworks and models

The importance of leadership theories and models in the nursing profession is defined by therapeutic relationships and ethical patient care. The structure of nursing is based on the nurse-patient relationship, and that lies with a therapeutic relationship. The need for leadership theories and models in nursing can be used to promote teamwork and accomplishing set goals for the staff. The theoretical frameworks can lead the nurse can bring changes and predictions which results in probable actions. These frameworks and models provide guidance and foundation for the nursing profession. These help nurses understand their role in the healthcare field and leadership. These frameworks and models direct education, research, and practice of the leadership styles within the nursing field.

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