Business Interview Questions

Option A

Business Interview Questions

Try to frame your responses as brief stories rather than simple declarative answers. Cohesive stories tend to stick in the listener’s mind more effectively than disconnected facts and statements. Here is your Discussion Prompt:

Assume you are applying to Amazon, first entry level position of your choice. “Where do you want to be five years from now? This question tests (1) whether you’re merely using this job as stopover until something better comes along and (2) whether you’ve given thought to your long-term goals.

Your initial post should be thoroughly address discussion prompt in a professional, clear, and organized manner.

You are required to respond to the assignment question posted above with no less than 100 words and make at least two comments on the responses posted by you classmates with a minimum of 50 words. Make sure you design your response with your own words. Your responses to your classmates must be of substance; not just “I agree” or “Good Post.” The purpose of the responses is to convert the discussion forum into a quality academic environment through which you improve your knowledge and understanding. Read and review all assigned course materials and chapters before you start working on your assignments.


What is your greatest weakness? One good strategy is to mention a skill or attribute you haven’t had the opportunity to develop yet but would like to in your next position.

You are required to respond to the assignment question posted above with no less than 100 words

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