Cardiovascular System:

The overall topic for your research paper is the Cardiovascular System. Within the paper you

need to have ½ page introduction to the paper, a page on each one of the three topics listed

below, and a ½ page conclusion. The fifth page will be the reference page. You must include 6

journal articles (not websites!!) and 1 book reference .

Cardiovascular System:

a)   The parts of the system: The major organs and blood vessels, the three different circuits

in the body and the path of blood flow.

b)   Role in maintaining homeostasis: How does it maintain pH balance, oxygen carbon

dioxide exchange, nutrients, waste removal, temperature regulation, hormones, etc.

c)   Heart disease or heart defect: Pick any disease or defect and research it describing causes,

symptoms, treatments, how it affects daily living or can it have other effects in the body

other than just the heart (i.e. blood clots, strokes, organ damage, etc.). Some examples are

arrhythmias (irregular heartbeats), congenital (birth) defects, coronary artery disease.

Many of the cause other things to happen leading to more long term complications.