Clearly support your response.

required book:  Shiraev, E. & Levy, D. (2017). Cross-cultural psychology: Critical thinking and contemporary applications. (6th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education, Inc.

2. For this assignment you will respond to questions based on information discussed in Exercise 11.2 on page 342 of the textbook (You must have the newest edition of the textbook for this chapter). This is an individual only discussion post, therefore there is no small group discussion or summary response for this assignment. The small group discussions were assigned in Week 8.

a. There is a popular view in social science that, in the 21st century, many people find themselves in “liquid times,” where men and women increasingly live without any solid bonds: that is why the term “liquid” is used, suggested by the famous Polish-born thinker, Zygmunt Bauman (Bauman, 2006). He describes how people have moved away from a “solid” culture with established norms, customs, roles, and values to different type of modern “liquid” life. People today have little consistent self-definition because they define themselves in such a variety of ways nationally, sexually and so on. Having no permanent bods, more people associate themselves in whatever way they can manage, in order to engage with others. As a result of these changes, adiaphora has emerged–a permanent attitude of indifference and moral numbness. In a contemporary word of fast food and shallow relationships, where attention is riveted on personal electronic devices when we rarely have time to settle on any issues of importance, people of a liquid culture are becoming increasingly selfish, losing their sensitivity to the plight of others (Bauman & Donskis, 2013).

b. Considering the statements above, In your response you must address all of the criteria below:

1.Definition & Discussion of Concepts: (this criterion should take approximately 1-2 paragraphs to address)

a. Would you agree or disagree that the modern personality type of the individual is “liquid?” Why or why not? Clearly support your response.

b. Make sure to connect and apply information discussed in the textbook chapter.

2. Experiences/Opinions Concepts : (this criterion should take approximately 1-2 paragraphs to address)

a. In your  personal experience, do you find that MORE people around you have little self-definition, defining themselves whichever way they deem convenient? Thoroughly respond to this question. Clearly provide examples AND support your response with information presented in Chapter 11.

b. Do you feel that people around you are becoming increasingly indifferent or detached? If so, how? If not, provide examples which negate or do no support increasing indifference. Thoroughly respond to this question. Clearly support your response with information presented in the Chapter 11.

3. Application of  Concepts : (this criterion should take approximately 1-2 paragraphs to address)

a. . In your opinion, how does the “liquid” personality relate to common societal definitions or stereotypes about “millennials” or the millennial generation broadly. Clearly define and explain all terms, support your response with examples.

  1. APA style in-text citation and reference is required. Students may not use websites, of any kind, as a primary source in their responses. Submissions which do not contain both APA style in-text citation and reference and/or which use websites of any kind as a primary source may receive a zero.
  2. Discussion formatting must be:
    1.  Use of APA style in-text citations and reference is required.
      1. Do NOT use bullets, numbering, headings etc. 
      2. Essay format required.
      3. Submissions which do not contain both APA style in-text citation and reference and/or which use websites of any kind as a primary source may receive a zero.
    2. Responses which do not meet the content and formatting requirements listed above will receive point deductions.
  3. As stated in the syllabus and Obojobo modules on Avoiding Plagiarism, responses which do not contain BOTH in-text citation and references will be flagged for plagiarism and receive a zero.

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