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Question 1

You must define conflict, using section 9.2 in Bevan.
Question 2
You are not required to use course material, with full APA citations, for this assignment.

Question 3

When you are done with your paper, it is advised that you:
Explain a conflict that you saw in the television episode or film.
Use the grading rubric to assess your work.
Watch an episode of Modern Family.
All of the above.
Question 4
The paper is advice oriented.  Based on this, step 4 of writing this paper involves:
How well you analyzed the conflict and how well you use Bevan to address how people can adjust their behavior to achieve better results.
Reflecting on student’s own conflict styles.
Comparing and contrasting two conflict styles listed in Bevan.
All of the above.

Question 5

At the end of the paper, students must:
Explain whether they enjoyed the episode.
Explain they have experienced a similar conflict.
Connect their points to one of the principles of competent communication from section 1.4 in Bevan.
All of the above.
Question 6
Which of the following are parts of the definition of conflict from Bevan?
The two parties are completely independent and their choices do not impact each other.
It involves people becoming emotional.
It is an “expressed struggle” between two or more parties.
All of the above.

Question 7

The paper must be between 2 and 3 pages long.

Question 8

To demonstrate that the conflict meets the criteria listed in Bevan, students do not need to refer back to their initial definition of conflict.

Question 9

Students must explain both what conflict strategies the characters used and how they could have handled the situation differently.

Question 10

Which of the following must be covered in the paper:
Identifying a single conflict in the television episode or film.
Explaining how the characters handled the conflict.
Explaining how the conflict should have been handled differently.
All of the above.

Week 4 – Quiz 2

Question 1

_____________ is a positive way to maintain relationships and involves direct discussion about the relationship and self-disclosure.
Action Facilitation Support

Question 2

You confront your mother about her repeatedly not showing up on time to watch your daughter. She quickly changes the topic or makes a joke to deflect the criticism. She is demonstrating the following time of conflict style list in our text:

Question 3

Empathy is so important in communication because:
Communicating is all about exactly matching others’ thoughts and feelings.
It builds alliances.

It improves the odds one will identify with others and understand their thoughts, feelings and overall mental states.

Knowing what others are feeling can allow us to control how they interpret our message.
Question 4
Humans are very good at detecting deception.

Question 5

Listening is:
The psychological process of physically hearing, inter­preting, and, responding to ensure you get your way.
The psychological process of physically hearing, emotionally responding, and reacting verbally.
The process of physically hearing and determining if a reaction is necessary.
The process of physically hearing.

Question 6

Nurturing support involves:
helping another person to cope and feel better on an emotional level.
problem-solving with another person.
collecting and organizing information
massaging others.

Question 7

For a conflict to truly be resolved both parties must:
Share all of their thoughts and feelings about the issue.
Deal with important issues that can have lasting effects on their relationships.
Decide to end it, be satisfied with the outcome, and not deal with the conflict again.
Achieve his/her goals.

Question 8

To communicate constructively during tough times, one should:
Avoid the other person entirely
Avoid sharing your feelings
Avoid sharing your thoughts
Avoid judgment and blame
Question 9
The dark side of communication involves interactions that are:
All of the above

Question 10

According to _______________, commitment to a relationship is enhanced by tangible and intangible investments of resources, relationship satisfaction, and few relationship replacement alternatives.
The Investment Model
The Empathy Model
The Intimacy Model
The Commitment Model

Question 11

Competition involves a high concern for yourself and a low concern for the other person involved in the conflict.
Question 12
According to research discussed in the text, which group tends to use negative relationship maintenance behaviors more than others?
married couples
individuals who use aggressive forms of communication
individuals who are insecure and have negative views of themselves

Question 13

Those in long-distance relationships have lower quality relationships.

Question 14

The text outlines five conflict styles. Ahlani is a strong-willed person who has high control needs and is self-centered. She is often heard in her group meetings cutting others off as they make comments, talking over some people, and strongly evaluating ideas presented by others in her group. Ahlani’s conflict style is:

Question 15

Emotional intelligence involves all of the following abilities EXCEPT:
Discriminate among emotions to best connect to another group or individual.
Regulating your emotions so that you can have positive communicative results.
Using emotions strategically to accomplish your own personal goals and manipulate the situation to your advantage.

Monitoring your and your partner’s feelings to guide your thoughts and actions.

Question 16
When we engage in actions that are designed to sustain or preserve a relationship in a desired way, it is called ___________.
Relationship maintenance
Being a team player
Conflict management

Question 17

Expressing anger, if done in a healthy way, can be productive if it helps partners realize how important an issue is and how the frustration has become unsustainable.

Question 18

The more a couple deals with jealousy, conflict and abuse, the higher their satisfaction is with the relationship.

Question 19

Josie and her partner Dana have been having relationship problems. Josie often tries to control what Dana thinks and does and frequently starts fights. Josie’s behavior is an example of a(n):
Taking advantage of weakness
Being incompetent
Positively controlling the situation
Destructive Conflict

Question 20

Being connected to your own feelings has nothing to do with your ability to understand and be sensitive to others’ feelings.

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