this is a Linux class Linux and configuration

and this is a lab project .

For Lab 6, we will not be using Test Out.Instead, you are going to do an install to a virtual machine on your computer.You will need to have virtual machine software on your computer.  I recommend using Oracle’s Virtual Box.  That is what I used and the install to a virtual machine in Virtual Box was problem free using the step-by-step instructions provided in the Hands-on Project. (I would also recommend that you do NOT use Microsoft Virtual PC as it does not work well with Linux.)

One thing that you need to check before you install the Virtual Box software and start adding virtual machines for the three operating systems (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, Ubuntu Server 18.04, and Fedora 28) is to note how much file size it will use. This assignment will only use Ubuntu 18.04 and it has you to create a virtual machine to install it onto and it tells you to set your virtual hard disk to 50 GB and your RAM settings to 2 GB. SO, if you have a computer that has 4 GB and a 100 GB hard drive that has only 20 GB free space, you will not be able to do this lab. Oracle Virtual Box software takes up about 180 to 200 MB of space on the hard drive, so figure that into your hard disk space requirements. The other two operating systems – Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and Fedora 28 – are used in the other Hands-On Projects in this chapter. You are not required to do the other Hands-On Projects for chapter 6, but you may if you want to explore it on your own. Only 6-1 is required for the grade. If you are unsure of whether your computer meets the specifications needed, then contact me and I’ll help you find out.

Do Hands-on Project 6-1 in the textbook on pages 325-327.

For this lab, you will need to upload the following to this dropbox in order to receive a grade:A single Word document that contains the following headers and the screenshots placed immediately below its header. I want your Word document set with .5″ margins on all sides (Top, Bottom, Left, and Right) and your screenshots should be enlarged so that I can read them without having to edit your document. After each command is run and you have the screenshot, then do the clearcommand to clear the screen. I do not want multiple command output on the same page.For the screenshots, it should be of the virtual machine Linux screen ONLY! Do not include the rest of your computer screen.  If I cannot read what your screenshot is showing on the command line interface, then I cannot grade it.  The question and screenshots should be labeled as follows:

Step 16a: df -hT command(screenshot for Step #16a goes here below the label)

Step 16b: fdisk -l command(screenshot for Step #16b goes here below the label)

Step 16c: lvdisplay command(screenshot for Step #16c goes here below the label)

Step 16d: lsblk command(screenshot for Step #16d goes here below the label)

Step 16e: blkid command(screenshot for Step #16e goes here below the label)

Step 16f: ls -l /dev/disk/by-uuid command(screenshot for Step #16f goes here below the label)

Step 16g: ls -l /dev/disk/by-partuuidcommand(screenshot for Step #16g goes here below the label)

Step 16h: ls -l /dev/disk/by-id command(screenshot for Step #16h goes here below the label)

Step 16i: ls -l /dev/disk/by-path command(screenshot for Step #16i goes here below the label)

Step 16j: cat /etc/fstab command(screenshot for Step #16j goes here below the label)

You are to name your Word document in this manner: LastnameFirstInitial_Lab6, so if I were to do this lab and turn it in, my lab submission would be named HillW_Lab6. Make sure your name your lab submission in the exact manner I have specified. Failure to follow my directions on naming your lab submission will result in a zero.

If you have questions or feel that you cannot do this lab for whatever reason, then please contact me immediately in Canvas email. I may have some resources available to help you if you need them.

NOTE the following information:In instruction #16b, where it says to type fdisk -l and press Enter, that option after the fdisk command is a lower case “L”, not a numeral “1”, so if you are getting error messages, you may have typed the wrong thing! In the textbook, a numeral 1 and a lower-case “L” look almost identical, so be careful!


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