There are 4 questions to be answered, each answer should be roughly 2 pages long. So, about 8 pages in total. The format is unimportant, I will format it afterwards. Thanks! Question One: Discuss and outline the contributions to the science of encryption by important leaders (mathematicians, scientists, professors) from WWII to the present. Include in your discussion the individual’s background, the focus of their work, and the impact of their findings on the realm of encryption. Question Two: Discuss the debate between privacy/individual freedom versus security and law enforcement in regards to managing public key and encryption techniques. Include in your discussion the important legal cases that either instigated issues on this topic or contributed to the dialogue. Finally, include in your answer your view of the topic and support it with logic and reason – not emotion. Question Three: Provide a detailed explanation of the significant events that changed cryptography with the advent of the ‘digital age’ (hint: starting in the 1970s). Discuss all elements to include software, hardware, changes in how to manage keys, and any other aspect of the digital age that contributed to the giant leap forward in this field. Question Four: Outline the primary logic and elements of the concept of “Key Escrow” to include the proponents’ position the opponents’ position, the science and methodology of implementing key escrow, types and names of the specific implementations, and the success or failure of the concept from its inception to today.