Descriptions of the health access issue

Social Determinants of Health

This assignment is a 2–3 page summary intended to help leadership in a local health center understand how social determinants of health have contributed to a growing public health crisis in their community.


You have been asked to orient the new supervisor of a local health center to the changing needs of a typical American community in which approximately 50 long-term patients can no longer afford necessary medical care. You may choose a name and  relevant characteristics of the community based on the public health concerns and social determinants of health you have studied thus far.


  • Refer to the required readings in this unit for the information needed to answer the following questions.
  • For assistance in formatting your report, refer to the APA Paper Tutorial linked in Resources.
  • An APA Paper Template is also included for your convenience.


Using the following outline, discuss the impact of social determinants in terms of the scenario. Include all four categories:

  • Descriptions of the health access issue and the affected population: 
    • Explain why access to health services is an important issue for today’s communities.
    • Identify the three elements that comprise access to health services.
    • Discuss specific barriers that affect a person’s health status.
  • Health indicators:
    • Describe the leading health indicators that demonstrate the lack of access to care, using information from Healthy People 2020 (linked in Resources),.
  • Public health interventions:
    •  Describe various public health interventions that have been used to address the issue.
  • Social determinants:
    • Identify the social determinants that impact the quality of health.
    • Describe how increased understanding of the social determinants of health has changed or influenced public health interventions over time.

Additional Requirements

  • Page count: 2–3 pages of content plus cover and reference pages.
  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 points.
  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to current edition APA style and formatting.
  • Number of references: Cite all sources. Include at least two peer-reviewed sources.

Note: Before submitting this paper, you should refer to the Guiding Questions (linked in Resources) to ensure you have addressed all of the grading criteria.