die has become a relatively

Although the right to die has become a relatively “hot” topic in the past few years, particularly with respect to terminal illness, this is not a new phenomenon. There has consistently been much cultural diversity with respect to suicide and attitudes about suicide. In some cultures, such as the traditional Japanese, it has been an honorable way to save face for oneself or one’s family in many situations. In the United States, there is ongoing debate about whether a terminally ill person should be forced to continue to suffer when there is no hope of a cure and when the person’s illness is creating extraordinary financial hardship for that person’s family.

Debate whether there are instances when suicide is acceptable (Depression, terminal illness, etc); students who believe it is never acceptable should present ways to overcome the hardships that are endured by the person who wishes to end his/her life and the families involved with respect to costly terminal illnesses.

What about physician-assisted suicide?