different option than you.

Chose ONE of the following to respond to. You may reply to classmates who selected a different option than you.

Option A: What is the relationship between hormones and aggression? Which hormones play a role in human aggression?  How might anabolic steroids enter this relationship? How about hormone-based contraception?

Option B: How does emotion play a role in pain? For example, why does it hurt worse when someone intentionally hurts you versus accidentally hurts you?

Use a quote from the chapter 8 support your position in the discussion. List the page number and the topic heading (if you use the ebook exclusively, there are no page numbers). First, write the quote in the body of your post. Then, leave a paragraph space and relate a detailed, specific application of what you have quoted. The quote may be a sentence or part of a paragraph. Make sure the quote and your response are specifically related to the discussion question.