Draft Prospectus

I want someone that can effectively work on the attached “Draft Prospectus”. It has been revised and additional work is required. Please follow the comments and apply them to make the corrections to the Prospectus.


In this project, I need to find the GAP, it is the essence of the project. The GAP must be established to proceed with the Dissertation, without the GAP, the whole project will make no sense.

The GAP must be established between what is already known and is suggested for further research or what more needs to be done. It has to be like a statement from one or two articles that states that further research is needed to establish why people are not utilizing Mental Health or what is influencing individuals’ decision to utilize or not to utilize Mental Health

According to the Professor, in the Literature Review, I have a LOT of factors that have been researched as to why people do and don’t seek therapy. This makes my problem statement a lie. So, I need to carve out a specific study that needs to be done instead of the general one that I was trying to frame. We need a recommendation for further research related to this topic that is specific and that I can do.

Also, I must use just one THEORY and not 2 or 3. It has complicated my research in the first chapter of my Dissertation. The THEORY is very important because it helps to explain my results and it works with my Research Questions

The instructions in the criteria table must be followed; for example, by starting each section with the opening statement from each section.

Please address all the comments and instructions of the professor