e Chief Nursing office

Q (1)

As the Chief Nursing officer my disclose of incident to the media is appropriate because the new regulation in an hospital setup require a report to any serious adverse drug reaction and medical device incidents to health, this help other public health offering the medical services to be more careful when administering  medication to patients. Through the media the chief nursing officer apologies to the family of the deceased  hence  preventing  negative rumors in the public ,when an hospitals is open to the public it increase its service to avoid more future issues related to medication ,since every nurse will want to protect their reputation.

The media will help the public know that the nurse who are involved in errors are no longer working in the  health service center hence  fear to access the health facilities will be avoided. The risks that a Chief Nursing Officer may encounter is negative response from the rest of the workers as to why the Chief Nursing Officer had to report the scenario to the media since most people opts for inside job which is very dangerous to the health of patients. The impact of Chief Nursing Officer in addressing the media, it will add advantage to the Management department since it will avoid the hospitals being closed or operate under tight investigation. The benefit that be accorded to Chief Nursing Officer is that can call for a promotion  and highly  recommended for honesty and transparence. (Kadivar, 2017).

Q (2)

The Chief Nursing Office may refuses to disclose such scenario to the public because of the fear of the Health facilities having a negative reputation to the public  since may people will at all cost avoid hospital that have cases of incompetence doctors and nurse who have even led to death of some patients who could survive, the Chief Nursing Officer may also have fear of the closure of the health facilities, since when such cases go vital by use  of media, it puts the health facilities under tight investigations if it really have a well set up of equipment’s that are needed, investigate other nurses who are  in the health facilities if they have qualification and requirement, media information about the health facilities may led decrease in profits of the health facilities. The influence of this decision on health based healthcare may led to worse medical negligence since they are not exposed or stopped from the employment, public will be unaware of the negative side of the health facilities hence continue seeking service that led to many loss of life and finally it does not encourage the management to be careful in future mistake that can bring down the health facilities. Openness to public should be a key to any Health facilities. (Ross, 2019).

Q (3)

If I was the patient’s family I could want the Chief Nursing Officer  to  hold the  health facilitate  responsiable  for the issue of the death  that occurred in their facilities, the hospital should give an apology to the family and explain what exactly happened to the  victim ,cater for all the medical  expenses the family had incurred , to fully facilitate the  burial expenses and ensure the immediate family are taken to counselling session to enable them accept the loss of their  child death as a result of a careless medicine procedures by the nurse. The Chief Nursing Officer should ensure that the victims involved should be given a warning letter about the past scenario and measures to be put in place if such scenario occurs again, they entire medical team should also be encourage to be careful when handling patients to avoid mistake that can course the life of many in the health facilitates, lastly I could like the Chief Nursing Officer to make sure the family of the deceased in compensated full on behalf of the loss of their child.


Kadivar, M., Manookian, A., Asghari, F., Niknafs, N., Okazi, A., & Zarvani, A. (2017). Ethical and legal aspects of patient’s safety: a clinical case report. Journal of medical ethics and history of medicine10, 15.

Ross, S, (2019). 6 Medical Error Stories that made headlines

https://blog.cureatr.com/6-medication-error-stories-that-made-headlines (Links to an external site.)

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