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No plagiarism- Below 10%

Dead Line Dec- 10

This is a major paper and should be a minimum of 1500 words.•

Paper #2: Macroeconomics Country Forecast-worth

Forecasting the future is one of the most important things that economists are asked to do. Governments have a few macroeconomic tools that they can use to indicate how a country’s economy is doing. An important part of all macroeconomic courses is to develop an understanding of what these economic indicators are, as well as how they are created so that we can extrapolate into the future.

•All students must pick a country that is different from their country of residence, andcannot be from any of the following countries: Canada, United States, and UnitedKingdom.•This is a major paper and should be a minimum of 1500 words.•It is expected that the paper will be free of grammatical errors. This paper will be submittedthrough Turnitin to review for plagiarism. (DO NOT COPY THE QUESTIONS IN THESUBMITTED PAPER)•“Late submissions are not accepted under any circumstances, since it is the last paper, soplease plan accordingly.”

Specifically, you have to locate the macro-economic variables in your country of choice for four years starting with 2016 through 2019 and fill in the table below:






4 year average

Real GDP/Person

Growth rate of Real GDP/Person

Inflation Rate

Unemployment Rate

Interest Rate


1.Real GDP/Person (represented in the currency of the chosen country )2.The growth rate of Real GDP per person (% change per year)3.The inflation rate (%)4.The unemployment rate (%)5.Interest rates (In this case it is asking for the Mortgage rate)

Include the following sections in your paper. The breakdown of the marks will be:

1) Introduction (10%)

Explaining what you are going to write about.

2) Background and History, (10%)

What are the important key historic factors? (For example, did the country recently receive

independence or become a member of the World Trade Organization? What is the current economy

like? Was it going through some sort of economic crisis? Did a war occur during that period? Or

any other related important information regarding that specific period of 4 years)

3) General Definitions (15 %)

o Define each variable (1 through 5).

o Explain how they are determined.

o Explain why each variable is an important economic indicator?

4) Four Year Average Representation (10%)

Using the data from the table and Excel or any other software, create a diagram for each of the

five variables over a period of 4 years.

This is done to show the variable’s decline or growth. (Hand drawn charts are not accepted)

5) Explanation behind the values (30%)

The most important part of the paper is your explanation. Use your own words. You may wish to

use historical information from other resources, but make sure to use proper APA citation.

o Carefully explain the reasons behind the growth or decline of each of the variables in the

4 years period.

o Explain why these numbers are important to the people in that country?

6) Conclusion and self reflection (15%)

The conclusion must be a minimum of one paragraph and must include a self reflection of what

you have learned from writing this paper.

7) References (10%)

References must be current and from multiple sources (Minimum of 2 references)

Be sure to use APA and reference any quotations or web material that you use in your paper. The

various chartered banks and investment dealers also prepare macroeconomic forecasts which

may be useful as a source of ideas.