e rise of Early Complex Societies.

⦁ Explain the significance of agriculture in the rise of Early Complex Societies.

⦁ Explain some of the technological and social developments of the Nile River Valley and Mesopotamian civilizations. Your answer should reference at least two from each civilization.

⦁ What were the key differences between the Greek city-states Athens and Sparta? Which is regarded as one of the founding civilizations to use democratic values in government?

⦁ What led to the transition of Rome from a Republic to an Empire?

⦁ Explain at least two influences that Christianity had on the Byzantine Empire and/or the Byzantine Empire’s influence on Christianity.

⦁ What were at least two different ways that the Sui and Song Dynasties (598-618 and 960-1279 CE respectively) instituted centralized rule in China?

⦁ What was the Renaissance and where did Renaissance thinkers and artists base their works and inspiration from?

⦁ Explain the differences between a country with an absolute monarchy versus one that is a constitutional monarchy? In a transition from an absolute monarchy to a constitutional monarchy, who is gaining more power or representation?

⦁ What was the role of disease in the Americas and Pacific islands? Did it help or hold back European expansion in these areas? Why?

⦁ Explain the achievements of the Portuguese and Spanish during the Age of Exploration and their influence on non-European civilizations.

⦁ Compare and contrast the effects of European colonization on East Africa versus Central and South Africa.

⦁ Describe the connection between the Atlantic Slave Trade and the African Diaspora.

⦁ What were the effects of the Ming and Qing Dynasties centralized system of government and traditional rule on Chinese society?

⦁ Explain the similarities between the Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Empire.

⦁ Describe the factors that led to the fall of the Islamic Empires during the 1700s.

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