employee with an MBA are tasked with submitting a recommendation

You as an employee with an MBA are tasked with submitting a recommendation

to open an operation in Central Europe to cover the continued increase in

the company of its electronic products in that region, which includes Germany, Switzerland,

Austria, northern Italy, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Hungary,

Luxembourg, Slovakia and Liechtenstein. The company’s senior management has the

preference to open its operation in Switzerland. Given this preference, he has been asked to

make a comparison between the similarities between Puerto Rico and Switzerland. The

management wants to see if there is a similarity between the products that are manufactured in Puerto

Rich with those in Switzerland, for example, type of products, size, quality, etc. The process

introductory comparison is to determine that both products are similar or that both

Differ. Eye: the physical aspect is paramount in this analysis. Your task is to make a

comparison and concise to determine if it’s worth it. Your recommendation is the most

important of this exercise. Include a bibliography of where you got your recommendation.

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