Environmental issues i

Write 3 pages with APA style on Environmental issues in China and the role of government. From this book, we can learn that the Chinese government is reluctant to reduce the rate at which its companies are engaging in manufacturing and other forms of production. This is because these companies contribute to the development of the Chinese economy, reducing their operations will lead to a fall of its economies. It is on this basis, that the Chinese foreign policy is formed. This source is important in explaining the source and origin of Chinese environmental problems. This source is very useful because it analyzes the various government policies in regard to industrialization and environment. However, there are some biases in this source. The bias emanates from the notion that it is the Chinese government that encourages environmental destruction through its internal and foreign policies which are meant to protect their companies. These companies are the main sources of carbon emissions in the air. To counteract this bias, I am going to look for a book that identifies some achievements of Chinese companies, and their environmental policies. Economy, Elizabeth. The river runs black: the environmental challenge to China’s future.Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 2004. Print. The book explains the various environmental challenges that China faces. This book explains the role of invasive plant pathogens in causing an environmental disaster in China. This book also explains the role of Chinese large population in creating environmental problems in China, and the one child policy that the government of China initiated to solve the problem under consideration. It also addresses water pollution, and its impact on the Chinese people. This book explains in detail the various policies of the Chinese government in tackling environmental degradation. It analyzes these policies, with the intention of finding out whether they are effective or not. This book tries to give a prediction of the Chinese environment in the coming years, and the prediction is on the negative. That is the Chinese environment will be heavily polluted. This book is useful because it identifies the various factors that lead to environmental degradation in China. It also explains in depth the various policies that the Chinese government has initiated for purposes of tackling environmental pollution. However, this book has a bias. Its main bias is that it fails to recognize the efficiency of some Chinese policies in tackling environmental pollution. To counteract this bias, I will have to look for a book that identifies and explains the successes of the various Chinese policies on the environment. Marks, Robert. China: its environment and history. Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield, 2012. Print. This book identifies the historical evolution of China, and the various methods that guide the Chinese government into formulating policies. Of major concern in this book, is its identity of the Chinese industrial economy. One major theme identified is the role of industries in the destruction of the environment. However, this book identifies the various policies of these industrial companies, and how they help to solve the problems of environmental pollution that emanates from them. This book identifies the role of the environmental civil societies in promoting effort to conserve the environment. This book denotes that these efforts are successful, and the government usually implements policies that are lobbied by these groups.

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