Evaluation of these Action Plans


Portfolio – Assignments I to VI

Prepare only one front page for all 6 Assignments. Label the front page with “Portfolio- assignments I to VI”. Attach any further assignment to the first without an additional front page. Maintain running page numbers.

All written assignments have to include in-text references and a complete reference list at the end of each assignment (follow Harvard referencing guidelines). Plagiarism is not accepted and will result in drastic point deduction or rejection of the paper.

Assignment I – Identify your Personal Learning Style (LO 3, PC 3.1)

  1. You can find several websites online, which help you to identify and profile your personal learning style. Visit minimum two webpages and identify your individual learning style.
  2. Reflect and discuss on how you can practically make use of your learning style during your academic studies.

Assignment II – Reflect on your own Traits and Professional Interest Areas.

  1. Use Checklist 1.2 (chapter 1 in your textbook[1]) to determine where you fall in Holland’s typologies.
  2. Describe the personality traits you analyzed by using Holland’s typology.
  3. You have been studying different careers and it’s specifics in class. Go to the American Psychological Association’s (APA’s) website (www.apa.org) and search the list of divisions.  (Under Quick Links on the left hand side is a button for “Divisions”). (LO 1, PC 1.1 and 1.2)
  4. Identify two divisions that are of most interest to you, research about the different careers within the divisions, including the specifications of the careers (e.g. outlook, pre-requisites, major tasks, etc.). Write a short explanation of what interests you about this area/division. What is your likely emphasis area in psychology at this point in time?  (LO 1, PC 1.1 and 1.2; LO 3, PC 3.2)
  1. After reading chapter 1 in your textbook, attend to the exercise that starts at the bottom of p. 8 (section titled “Your interests, skills, and values”) as follows:
  2. Use the list of ‘interests and values’ you have come up in class and analyze related skills and abilities for each. Some of the interests may belong to the same skill group. (LO 3, PC 3.2)
  3. Create a SWOT analysis based on the information you have gathered about yourself and your areas of interest in relation to careers in psychology. (LO 3, PC 3.2)

Assignment III – Primary Governing Bodies (LO 2, PC 2.1 & 2.2)

  1. Research and find out information about the primary governing bodies in relation to the practice of psychology. Identify their roles and study their guidelines.
  2. Write a report on your research findings, including required regulations and guidelines for practicing psychology and in particular in the interest areas you chose in Assignment II, 1c. (Word count: 2000 +/- 10%).

Assignment IV – Develop a Professional Action Plan (LO 3, PC 3.2 to PC 3.5)

  1. Reflect on your professional goals. Include and discuss two to three alternative psychological careers.
  1. Explore and discuss the required skills, knowledge and qualifications for each of the careers you identified in III, 1. (above). Identify and describe resources and support needed to meet your goals.
  1. Develop a study plan to complete and fulfill the qualification requirements and generate professional action plans for two of the careers you discussed in III,1. (above).

Assignment V – Resume (LO 3, PC 3.2, 3.4)

Read chapter 2 in your textbook. You may research for other sources as well. Create and submit a 1-2 page resume. Reflect and include your strengths, skills and competencies. You can choose to create a chronological or a functional resume or both if you like.

Assignment VI – Evaluation of these Action Plans (LO3, PC 3.6)

Reflect on and describe strengths and weaknesses of your action plans. Here, you will be evaluating:

  • The way in which you gathered information,
  • The validity of the various analyses that you conducted for Assignments I and II
  • The usefulness of the materials and resources (texts, websites etc.) you identified and described in Assignment III, 2
  • How you managed your time.


Evaluation Criteria

–          Data and referencing: Use of relevant data, referencing in a standard format e.g. Harvard. (15 %)

–          Writing Style: clarity of language and expression, logical structure, effective and concise formulations and inclusion of technical terms. (15 %)

–          Content: Inclusion of relevant information, demonstration of clear understanding of issues referred to and application of the concepts to own individual and professional growth. (35%)

–          Level of Analysis & Synthesis: Critical analysis, meaningful synthesis and evaluation. (35%)

[1] Kuther, T.L., & Morgan, R.D. (2012). Careers in Psychology: Opportunities in a Changing World (4th Ed.). Boston: Wadsworth.

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