Evidence Based Practice


In your response, do one of the following:

  • Ask a probing question.
  • Offer a suggestion.
  • Elaborate on a particular point.
  • Provide an alternative opinion

Karen post


I have used Evidence Based Practice and Educational Research in my programs over the years.  I have used this for assessments, progress monitoring for goals and for data collection.  To be honest when I was reading over the qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, I felt overwhelmed.  I am a visual learner so having the breakdown sections of both methodologies helped to some degree.  Looking at the differences between the two I see quantity and quality.  I see a more rigidity with the quantitative method and personalizing for qualitative.  I may be way off base but that was my first impression.  Looking further at the break down of differences I feel Quantitative seems to be already having a theory and needing to prove its validity by testing it.  While Qualitative is exploring different theories for the best outcome.  Looking at the section “nature of the research process”, Quantitative seems to be on the outside looking in and Qualitative is on the inside looking out.  I like parts to both research methods.  I find analyzing these research methods similar to when I use validity of assessments.  I like the cut and dry of scores for accuracy.  But I know there are other factors that could affect the validity of an assessment as well.  I am going to have a lot to learn in this class and try to do so without being overwhelmed.

Ron post


Knowledge of the different research methodologies characteristics can help learners read and understand research reports by identifying what levels of research is needed for their project.  For example, most of the journals/references we will/have used in Master’s programs will be literature that has been peer reviewed.  Essentially, these formal reviews have been extensively researched, tested, critiqued, and the techniques/methods utilized in the research can be duplicated (Gall, M. D., Gall, J. P., & Borg, W. R. 2015).

Once a learner identifies what type of formalization is needed for the research, it is time to determine if a Qualitative or Quantitative research applies to their project.  Qualitative research is intended to explain, confirm, or test a theory, while Quantitative research helps aid in the description of why something is happening and derive a theory based on the data (Gangluff, D. n.d.).  Understanding how research is outlined is also a crucial element that can help the learner decide if the research material is relevant to their project.

By understanding the research characteristics, a learner can apply the best applicable research that meets their requirements.  In my work place, I may be instructed to provide data on an insurance-related topic, and in this case, obtaining formal research that has been peer-reviewed, may not be necessary.  However, in the Master’s program, most of our research will be based on formalized journals, and occasionally, will provide informal material that is related to the subject.  Any theories or conclusions we derive, will have to be supported in case the reading audience questions certain aspects, such as methodology.

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