Exercise Prescription 

Interview Project Directions

Interview/Exercise Plan: 200 points. Conduct an interview of an older adult over the age of 65 and write an analysis of this interview. Write an Exercise Prescription for this individual which addresses the five categories of fitness. Include a PAR-Q and health stratification questionnaire. Incorporate fitness testing assessments and prescription practices discussed in class.  Be as thorough as possible when describing the recommended exercise prescription. Write a brief analysis of why the exercises were selected, special considerations and barriers this client may face.

Components of Project:

Section 1: Data Collection

Step 1: Choose someone you feel comfortable speaking to who is over the age of 65 and request an interview with them. They must agree to the interview. Make sure to have them sign the consent form (on the interview question sheet), a PAR-Q and a health risk screening form. If you are conducting the interview over the phone ask for their verbal consent (they don’t need the sign the physical document). You will turn in digital copies of these forms.

Using the questions provided find out about them and their physical activity habits. Ask any additional follow up questions your think may be necessary based on the answers they provided.

Step 2: Write a brief summary of your interview findings. This should be about one paragraph that reflects over what you learned about this client and what information you will need to consider when making their exercise prescription.

Section 2: Exercise Prescription 

Step 1: Based on the information gathered in the interview, information presented in class and your knowledge from previous kinesiology course work and come up with an assessment plan and exercise plan that you would recommend to this person if they were your client. You are not required to show the interviewee this program or implement it in any way it is purely hypothetical.

**Please note, as shown on the rubric make sure your assessment and exercise plan contains all necessary components

  1. Select      appropriate assessments for your client based on their current health      status. You must select at least 3 at the minimum. Make sure to describe      the assessments in depth including directions and how results are measured
  2. Select a      cardiovascular program appropriate for your client. Use the FITT acronym      in your recommendation. Include how you would progress this program.
  3. Select      resistance training program, make an educated guess on what weight/ reps/      sets you would place this client at. Include how you would progress this      program.
  4. Select at least      2 balance and 4 flexibility exercises. Include how you would progress this      program.
  5. Organize all of      this information into a chart or easy to follow table that includes all      necessary components including exercise descriptions and progressions.      Create a sample day and week workout plan including warm-up and cool down      exercises.

Section 3: Analysis 

Write a brief summary that explains the decision-making process behind your exercise plan. This section should explain why the exercise and assessment choices were made based on your interviewee’s health status and physical activity level. Be sure to explain any special considerations or contraindications that applied to this specific individual.

Make sure this section any barriers they may face, how you would motivate them and what goals you would set for them.

For this project you will turn in:

1. A copy of your interview transcript/Qs & As

2. Your interview summary

3. All forms (Par-Q and health risk stratification form)

4. A copy of your assessment plan and workout plan for your interviewee (all details included)

5. Your analysis summary about the exercise prescription that you wrote

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